DefaultVideoThumbnail100s of thousands of pounds have already been lost with Evolv Shake’s maximum nutrition and flavor. Watch this commercial to learn why the Evolv Shake is changing people’s lives and why some even say it’s better than cake!


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The Evolv Shake is a healthier alternative to so many of the other meal replacement shakes out there that contain artificial sweeteners. Learn more about why the Evolv Shake is sure to make an impact to this current 65 billion dollar market with EvolvHealth Chief Marketing Officer Craig Smith and EvolvHealth Chief Science Officer Anne Smith B.S., D.C.


Skinny Never Tasted This Good

Evolv Shake provides a flavorful and nutritious blend of many of the nutrients your body needs for optimal health, without all those fattening calories. 1 bag = 14 servings.


-USDA Developed ingredients
-Calorie Control Trim
-Natural Sweeteners and flavors
-No soy protein or sucralose
-Supports metabolism
-Feel full longer

Replace: 1 or 2 daily meals depending on weight loss goals or replace current shake product.


“The Evolv Shake tastes so good and is so versatile. I’ve mixed Vanilla Shakes with strawberries, bananas, and once with a chocolate mint and it tasted BETTER than dessert!”

Libby Benson
Evolv Independent Distributor
Doniphan, MO

“I went sort of crazy drinking the Shakes. They tasted so darn good that there were days I had three of them! I’m now in the BEST shape of my life!”

Chris Misko
Evolv Independent Distributor
Parker, CO



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